What is special about our school

MG provides a full secondary school education for children whose IQ is above average considering their needs and challenges. One of the main principles our school applies is respecting the individual needs and talents of every student. The students can choose subjects which are of interest for them since the first year at school and they can also influence the pace they study at in subjects which are the most interesting for them.

  • environment enhancing individual approach
  • age mixed groups based on the level and interest
  • some lectures taught at universities and in cooperation with academics
  • individual consultations available for all students as they need in every subject
  • low number of students in classes and groups
  • well educated teachers in their areas of expertise with great teaching skills (a high number of male teachers)
  • two lesson teaching blocks provide a better opportunity to focus on the subject
  • basic coursebooks are provided for free
  • cooperation with psychologists who focus on gifted children and are available for consultation for both the students and their parents
  • our own evaluation system (e.g. written evaluation, point evaluation on the scale from one to one hundred, students can be awarded scholarships based on their results)
  • special care provided for students with learning disorders (special equipment, the teachers are understanding)
  • creating specific environment for teaching especially gifted children with Asperger syndrome
  • teaching enhanced by interesting projects, lectures, field trips, going to the theatre or visiting exhibitions, exchange programmes with foreign schools, meeting interesting people, etc.
  • traditional informal meetings of the students, their parents and teachers (Christmas party, Buďánka solstice, etc.)