About our school

Our school provides the students with a great care and highly individualized approach both psychological and pedagogical. It encourages their love of learning and develops their social skills and enhances creativity, they also learn teamwork.

The student are able to profile since the very first year by choosing optional subjects and seminary papers. Some subjects (mathematics, foreign languages) are taught in mixed groups based on the students' abilities so that each student can work in a group whose pace best fits their abilities and knowledge. Some subjects are taught directly at faculties of universities by university tutors (e.g.: Physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague). The students can either directly or via the student council influence the day to day running of the school. Our school raises educated, creative and critically thinking individuals.

The basic requirement for being accepted as a students is to pass Mensa Czech IQ test (IQ above 130). However, it is not necessary to join Mensa Czech.

The students can be tested every Thursday at 6 pm at the school. You can find more information here: www.mensa.cz/testovani-iq.