Who is the school for

Mensa gymnázium secondary school is for especially gifted students who normally start attending schools with above average knowledge. The school further develops their knowledge stressing the importance of emotional and social skills since they are often problematic for these children. In prima (the first class) the students can work on their emotional and social skills during social sciences classes as well as a during one-week-long adaptation course. The students learn guided by a psychologist to understand themselves, tolerate the differences in other students and work together in a group. They learn to understand their assets and weaknesses and change for the better. They also learn to better manage stress which comes with being exceptional.

Even great talents can be accompanied by a disorder – e.g. hyperactivity, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia or autism spectrum disorder (Asperger syndrome) which is the reason why there is an educational consultant at our school who cooperates with two psychologists, Dyscentrum (an organization working with children with learning disorders), Apla (organization working with people with autism spectrum disorder) and other organizations. Therefore our staff is equipped to help and advise the students as well as their parents. Our school is willing to opt for an out-of-the-box solution to accommodate for the needs of our students.